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Saturday, June 22, 2013

TIME FOR CHANGE-NOW! in partnership with Northern Wave,Swim Gala 2013.

SWIM GALA 2013..
Sunday 9th June 2013 saw Just a Ball Game? team up with Northern Wave Swim Club to host the TIME FOR CHANGE-NOW! Swim Gala at the Manchester Aquatics Pool, funded by AWARDS FOR ALL.
The event was open to swimmers of all ages and abilities,with both male and female competitors in the same races and saw LGBT swimmers and their LGBT friendly pals enjoy a very relxed evening in the 2 pools.
Northern Wave are very supportive of the campaign and activist work done by us at JBG? and were very keen to be part of this event to showcase how different sports can work together to challenge homophobia and raise awareness on  issues faced by LGBT people and also around LGBT inclusion in sport.

A big thanks also goes out to the Aquatics Center management team who were only too happy for JBG? to have the "TIME FOR CHANGE-NOW!'' exhibition on display at the front entrance for all service users to browse through, and are happy to invite the exhibition back for a day to be displayed in the lead up to the many official Manchester Pride events in August.

A number of personal bests were achieved on the night for the more dedicated swimmers who were using the event as a great way to warm up for the World OUTGAMES 2013 held this time around in Antwerp, Belgium in a few weeks time.While the majority of others,who swam competitively for the first time felt very much at home.
The interaction of LGBT swimmers and mainstream sport in Manchester builds increasingly with events of this type, and those present at the event be they attending for a relaxed social swim or to race against team mates felt very proud that the facilities and timing equipment used which cost £10,000 per lane were those which were also used for the Duel in the Pool event at Manchester Aquatics Center,and other equipment from the Commonwealth Games.

The nights events were rounded off with a medal ceremony and a demonstration of Finswimming.

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