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Monday, March 01, 2021

JBG? International Women's day 2021- guest blog from historian Steve Bolton.

JBG? International Women's day 2021- guest blog feature from historian 

Steve Bolton.



As part of Women's History Month and our International Women's day focus leading up to 8th March, here at JUST A BALL GAME? we 

would like to offer you this read and link to the full article from our friend, historian

Steve Bolton whose gran 

 Lizzy Ashcroft played alongside Lily Parr in the famous Dick, Kerr Ladies team.


We would also like to give thanks to Margaret, editor-in-chief of



(Source: Lizzy Ashcroft Collection)


“I Would Like To Begin Again This Day”

These beautiful words bring a tear to my eye. They were written to my granny Lizzy Ashcroft by French Footballer Andree Gaukler. On the top left we see: Lizzy Ashcroft, Friend, Andree Gaukler, Margaret Thornborough and Lily Parr. On the top right we see: Margaret Thornborough, Carmen Pomies and Lizzy Ashcroft. The amazing photos above show my granny mucking around with her football mates without a care in the world. Two words spring to my mind: JOY and FREEDOM. My granny had a hard life and I was so overjoyed to find this treasure trove of photographs and witness the good times she had in the 1930s. I wrote an article recently about her friend and captain Lily Parr. The Lily Parr 'nonsense industry’ is out of control and at times is very disrespectful to one of our top athletes. This is my short tribute to my granny’s old mucker…


Lily Parr - An Amateur Cricketer, Hockey Player + Footballer. My Tribute to My Granny Lizzy Ashcroft’s Great Friend