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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MEDIA RELEASE We're not homophobic

                                                           Media Release

In contrast to academic research carried out over the last couple of years which asked questions to either specific persons, or, asked questions in order to gain specific types of answers, this research has been carried out by observing  ‘homophobic content ‘ which was found on internet mediums and comes from football fans from a number of differing walks of life.

Over a period of 16 weeks in spring 2010, internet mediums for football fans were studied and it was found that just 400 links had over 8,000 threads containing homophobic wording, of these no less than 1,500 contained homophobic abuse, anti-gay hate of a vile nature.
Examples- ‘all gays should die,’ ‘homosexuality is a disease or brain damage of some sort,’ ‘ fucking scum of humanity stone them to death,’

Over 48% of the homophobia was what’s considered ‘general/casual, verbal abuse,’ that is of a ‘soft ‘nature.
Examples- ‘what’s the problem with homophobia it’s a bit of banter?’ ‘I don’t think teasing or taunting people who are gay counts as being homophobic.’ ‘I don’t want any gay trying to cop off with me when I play.’

No less than 5% was aimed directly at football players by so called fans of the game.

QUOTE: Linda Roy, National Equality Officer, CWU.
"It is very sad that even after 13 years since Justin Fashanu took his own life the world of Professional Football has failed to grasp the homophobia problem within football. The big institutions within football have a duty to change the landscape making it 'safe' for footballers, both men and women, to come out. At this moment in time, it is they who are letting the side down!"

“This report confirms the terrifying reality of homophobia and transphobia in our national sport, and the urgent need for education and action to tackle it at all levels. The TUC believes that the football authorities and the clubs must grasp the need to carry out the anti-discrimination policies they already have on paper. Prejudice can only be defeated if it is effectively challenged.”
Brendan Barber, General Secretary of the TUC

"The Justin Campaign is very concerned at the high frequency of homophobic remarks made by football fans on message boards. With the likes of Anton Hysen coming out and The FA entering into a partnership with The Justin Campaign, we are finally starting to move things forward. However, the large amount of ugly, casual homophobic abuse peppering the internet shows just how much work we still have to do."
Alan Duffy. Director of Communications for The Justin Campaign.

Homophobia exists in football from grass roots throughout the game to the very top at professional level. This shows that there are barriers around participation of LGBT’s and those who are perceived to be LGBT. A multi-strand approach is required with specific training and education, to address the differing needs of players, coaches/manages, administrators, stewards/security and fans.
The whole of football needs to be more inclusive towards LGBT’s but a lack of investment by all of footballs authorities and individually by clubs means football is failing badly in its education.

Simple things like raising the profile of LGBT’s, and supporting their own existing community initiatives, helping create a safe space, ensuring new equality acts and laws are adhered too, and sanctions are imposed for those who persistently break the regulations, are just some of the many ways to take a zero tolerance and challenge homophobia.

Please find attached a report “We’re not Homophobic.” conducted and written by
Lindsay England author of  blog ‘Justaballgame?’

The blog can be found at:     

MEDIA RELEASE 24th may 2011.’We’re not homophobic.’

the full report can be found on this link below.