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Saturday, June 05, 2021




JUST A BALL GAME?    MEDIA RELEASE- For immediate release.



Campaign organisation JUST A BALL GAME? (JBG?) are very pleased announce their first online #StrongerTogether event will takes place in partnership with GMB Trade Union on Saturday 19th June 2021.

The event will contain a Q&A session with 3 of JBG?’s global patrons who are sports people. The conversation will be driven by Kieran Hardcastle and this will then be followed by breakout sessions which will also feature our patrons and other invited guests, those who sign up to the event will have the opportunity to participate. One of these sessions will be family friendly. The theme of the day is ‘What makes a good LGBT+ ally.’

The event will begin at 1pm and finish at 3:15pm.

Entertainment from singer Mikey May, and a fun LGBT+ themed quiz will also be part of the afternoon presentation.

LGBT+ activist and podcaster Richard Dunbar, on speaking of the importance of solidarity from allies giving their support for LGBT+ communities coming in these Covid-19 times says:

“Never has it been more important than now to show solidarity with an LGBT+ community at a time when not only have many been isolated, but also because hate crime against LGBT+ people has been on the rise.”

“Having allies who lead by their actions in the workplace and wider society in general is essential.”


If you wish to be part of this event, please register at: in order to attend.




Contact for further information: 07788474754.

Founder-Lindsay England  

Friday, April 16, 2021


                                                JUST A BALL GAME?  MEDIA RELEASE.




JUST A BALL GAME? (JBG?) are delighted to announce that former Irish International Hockey Captain Nikki Symmons has joined them as their latest patron.


 Symmons had an illustrious hockey career playing 208 times in emerald green across 12 years and in doing so became the most capped elite Irish athlete. Field Hockey wasn’t the only sport embraced by the talented Dubliner as there were several international caps earned at Cricket and Nikki was by all accounts quite formidable with a tennis racket too!


Recently she has immersed herself in a media content profession with International Hockey Federation (FIH) and more recently Philip Morris International, and has become a leader across global platforms inspiring females and LGBT+ people alike breaking down stereotypes while educating on all things equality inclusion and diversity. 


Nikki was out to friends, family and team mates for a number of years prior to publicly ‘coming out’ in 2014 and yet there was still reluctance in doing so.“Do I say anything?”

“Then I thought about how if I could help just one person to be comfortable with themselves and just to be them, that it would be an accomplishment in itself.” 

 Symmons goes on, “If any of the journeys I have been through in my life, be it sport or personal struggles can inspire people, I will do my very best to continue to do this.” Maintaining, “I see many people struggling to come to terms with their sexuality, so felt to talk about it was the right thing to do.”


 Lindsay England founder of JBG? says, “ We feel honoured to have someone with a natural aptitude for both sports and business as Nikki’s on board as one of our patrons, and we will endeavour to showcase these qualities which Nikki seemingly portrays quite effortlessly.”

On becoming a JBG? patron Symmons says:"It is very important to me to use my platform to raise awareness for the whole LGBTQIA community. I am very grateful for this opportunity to share my thoughts on the many difficulties that our community are facing today". 




Monday, March 01, 2021

JBG? International Women's day 2021- guest blog from historian Steve Bolton.

JBG? International Women's day 2021- guest blog feature from historian 

Steve Bolton.



As part of Women's History Month and our International Women's day focus leading up to 8th March, here at JUST A BALL GAME? we 

would like to offer you this read and link to the full article from our friend, historian

Steve Bolton whose gran 

 Lizzy Ashcroft played alongside Lily Parr in the famous Dick, Kerr Ladies team.


We would also like to give thanks to Margaret, editor-in-chief of



(Source: Lizzy Ashcroft Collection)


“I Would Like To Begin Again This Day”

These beautiful words bring a tear to my eye. They were written to my granny Lizzy Ashcroft by French Footballer Andree Gaukler. On the top left we see: Lizzy Ashcroft, Friend, Andree Gaukler, Margaret Thornborough and Lily Parr. On the top right we see: Margaret Thornborough, Carmen Pomies and Lizzy Ashcroft. The amazing photos above show my granny mucking around with her football mates without a care in the world. Two words spring to my mind: JOY and FREEDOM. My granny had a hard life and I was so overjoyed to find this treasure trove of photographs and witness the good times she had in the 1930s. I wrote an article recently about her friend and captain Lily Parr. The Lily Parr 'nonsense industry’ is out of control and at times is very disrespectful to one of our top athletes. This is my short tribute to my granny’s old mucker…


Lily Parr - An Amateur Cricketer, Hockey Player + Footballer. My Tribute to My Granny Lizzy Ashcroft’s Great Friend

Friday, February 26, 2021

GMB North West & Irish Trade Union presented with the JUST A BALL GAME? 2020/21 Tackling HBT bullying award.

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GMB North West & Irish Trade Union presented with the JUST A BALL GAME? 2020/21 Tackling HBT bullying award.

JUST A BALL GAME? (JBG?) are delighted to announce that trade union region GMB NW&I have been recognised for their efforts on challenging discrimination and raising awareness around LGBT+ inclusion and visibility with the JBG? annual award. The subdued ceremony has taken place during 2021 LGBT+ History Month and formed part of the organisations 10 year anniversary.


The silver salver award took place as part of the regions Shout! LGBT+ network event and was handed over to regional secretary Paul McCarthy and political officer Neil Smith by Ann O’Byrne, a Liverpool Labour Councillor. 


Over the past 18 months the trade union staff and members have given fantastic support to JBG? alongside the network of local LGBT+ members and strived to make work places inclusive and LGBT+ people feel represented and included in all aspects of activism and educational work platforms.








On being presented with the award Mr McCarthy expressed, “On Behalf of our GMB NW&I Region, I am delighted in receiving this reward for the work which champions our LGBT+ commitment and strengthens everything which equality stands for in a modern society. Thank you to Just A Ball Game? for this award and we look forward to equality for all of our LGBT+ members.

 GMB National President Barbara Plant attending the event and also a patron of JBG? stated, “GMB North West and Irish region has always been a staunch supporter of Just A Ball Game? They are worthy winners of this award, which recognises their commitment to LGBT+ inclusivity and equality. I was pleased to being able to see them receive it at the region's recent on-line LGBT+ event.”







Founder of JBG? Lindsay England expressed, “GMB NW&I are extremely deserving of this award for their time, efforts and compassion shown to LGBT+ members and a wider audience. They are always available to listen, learn and lead on issues and proposals of equality inclusion and diversity. Anyone looking at joining a trade union would instantly benefit from their advocacy. We are proud to call them comrades.”



In 2020 JBG? compiled a survey on HBT abuse in sport and released a report highlighting that some progress has been made over the past decade but also detailed how much more work still needs to be done to ensure the workplace of a sporting environment is a welcoming one for LGBT+ people and their allies:






Contact for further information:

Founder-Lindsay England: