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Friday, September 20, 2013


                    JUST A BALL GAME? -MEDIA RELEASE.                                    



Bradford City FC  have made huge strides over the past 6 years to become LGBT inclusive and challenge what is seen as  homophobia  and anti-gay in football. Now they are set on further supporting the gay community by permanently flying the rainbow flag -which symbolizes gay pride - at their Valley Parade stadium on a match day from this season.
A spokesperson for the club had this to say: “Bradford City FC prides itself on being inclusive to all and welcomes participants and spectators to the stadium whatever their social background, colour, religion or sexual orientation.  We are happy to fly the flag as an indication we are an open and inclusive Club.”

Lindsay England founder of LGBT campaign organisation JUST A BALL GAME? a lifelong supporter of the Bantams said, "The club has been active for a number of years  now against homophobia and discrimination, and this is a great way to show  how inclusive they are for LGBT fans of football. With this flag the club shows they are giving a hugely visible sign that these issues have great importance at Bradford City and are working hard on them, and welcoming a local LGBT communit
“A number of our partner organisations and patrons have backed the initiative and said it is a great message to send out to LGBT supporters of the club and also for the football world, now we await to see if other professional  and non-league teams followed suit.” 

Just a Ball Game? patron , ex-Sunderland player and now of Equality and Hate Crime experts Kieron Brady remembers scoring a goal at Valley Parade as a teenager, he gave the thumbs up and, “A big well done to all who made this happen at Bradford City. Clubs need to be committed on an on-going basis, both in a social sense and in capacity as employer.”

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Serenity Security Solutions team up with Just a Ball Game?

             JUST A BALL GAME?   MEDIA RELEASE- For immediate release.                           

                  Serenity Security Solutions team up with Just a Ball Game?

Serenity Security Solutions have become the first company from within the security industry to support LGBT campaign organisation Just a Ball Game? by becoming a partner organisation.
Many football fans and other sports fans who identify as being LBGT attend games/matches/ events and are subjected to having to either personally endure or witness what is seen as homophobia or anti-gay abuse and hear homophobic chants while they watch professional athletes whom they try to aspire too.
Sadly too many security firms employ security and stewarding with little or no training and education around equality and diversity, and these employees turn a blind eye to much of the homophobia which is around.
It’s hoped that more firms like Serenity Security Solutions can help bring an end to the abuse and chants if they engage with Just a Ball Game?’s campaigns.
Both Just a Ball Game? (through patron, Manchester City Ladies goalkeeper- Andie Worrall) and Serenity Security Solutions were nominated and have now been short listed for this year’s UK Homo Hero Awards. Serenity under Business of the Year section, and Andie Worrall as Role Model of the Year.
Please take 2 minutes of your time and visit the LGF website and register your vote:

This summer Serenity Security solutions have introduced 'SPIKEY' a drink spiking awareness campaign.
All Serenity’s Door Supervisors have been given the products ‘SPIKEY’ and ‘Drink Detective’ to hand out to customers for free in Manchester City Centre venues, which will be displaying posters, to raise awareness of drink spiking this summer.
Spikey helps prevent drinks from being spiked in pubs, bars and at parties. It is a brightly coloured plastic “use once only” stopper that glows in UV light so everyone can see that the drink has been protected.   


 “We at Just a Ball Game? are proud to be associated with serenity who have one of the most diverse workforces in the security sector,” says founder Lindsay England.
A director for the Manchester based company, Kamla Uppiah  had this to say: “Serenity Security are proud to support 'Just A Ball Game?', a non-profit, voluntary organisation who challenge homophobia in sport. We here at Serenity have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any kind and the three core values of 'Just A Ball Game?' which are Safety, Inclusion and Respect are also values held by Serenity.
Homophobia and hate crimes in sport are completely unacceptable and we will do what we can to help 'Just A Ball Game?' spread their message. Sport is something that everyone should be able to enjoy no matter their race, disability, sex, religion or sexual orientation.”

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