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Friday, November 25, 2011



              MEDIA RELEASE November 2011.   JUST A BALL GAME?   -SURVEY.


The research published in this documentation was conducted by Lindsay England founder of “Just a Ball Game?” (“JBG?”)  in partnership with the TUC’s LGBT Committee. This survey is the second phase of three pieces of research conducted by "JBG?". The first being a report titled ‘’We’re not homophobic.’’

During the summer of 2011, Just a Ball Game? conducted a short survey to look into HOMOPHOBIA in SPORT. Below are the key findings from the survey.

a.         Just over a third, 34%,feel the need to participate in sport or leisure activities in a ‘safe space’ by being part of LGBT/LGBT friendly clubs or groups solely .
b.         Over 2/3rds stated they experienced homophobia in sport.
c.         Only 26% of respondents to the survey reported any of the homophobia they witnessed to an appropriate body.
d.         Only 8 out of 92 who responded to the question ‘’Do you feel satisfied with the responses you got when you reported the homophobia?’’ felt that the response they got after reporting the homophobia was satisfactory.
e.         Despite the amount and levels of homophobia around sport over 60% of those who answered the survey say they attend sport events on a regular basis.

Just a Ball Game? believe that ‘’For LGBT’s to be fully accepted, respected and integrated as athletes we need to eradicate the conservative environment which still pretends there is no homosexuality in sport. As homophobia constitutes its self in many forms and there is a need for education throughout both professional and grass roots sports to fully understand this, one of the biggest steps taken would be for a zero tolerance to be introduced by all involved. Sport also needs to be more open and show visibility to any work achieved around LGBT inclusion. ’’


Contact: Lindsay England

Thursday, November 10, 2011

CWU Day of Action -just a ball game? MEDIA RELEASE


           JUST A BALL GAME?  MEDIA RELEASE nov. 2011.


Just a Ball Game?  would like to announce that Bradford City  will become the 3rd Professional Football Club to sign to the government ‘CHARTER’ taking action  against homophobia and transphobia in sport, after they confirmed they will be publicly signing up to the charter prior to their home fixture against Plymouth Argyle on December 10th 2011.
This will form part of a whole day of action addressing homophobia and transphobia in football by the CWU at Valley Parade and Bradford City will become the first UK  Professional Football Club (under Football League ruling and acceptance) to allow literature addressing anti-gay issues and LGBT issues to be distributed at a game.
The CWU have been campaigning for over 3 years for strong action to be taken and its National Equality Officer Linda Roy said ‘’ The CWU have been campaigning for a long time on rising awareness on homophobia in sport and we are very pleased that Bradford City FC have agreed to host our Day of Action.’’
The CWU will be supported on the day by groups such as the TUC,who will be there handing out leaflets to fans as they arrive. They will then also be a part of the public signing up to the ‘CHARTER’ by the club and the celebrations as Just a Ball Game? announce that Bradford City will receive an award in recognition of the clubs continued efforts in challenging homophobia in football since the changes made to the ground rules and regulations in 2007.
Founder of Just a Ball Game? Lindsay England says ‘’ Bradford City has always been very much a community focused club and although like many other lower league sides have priorities in investing in the playing side, diversity also plays a big role in the clubs existence. I have worked with club officials and the Bradford City Supporters Trust and others to try eradicate anti-gay views held by a small section of our fan base and I believe that the commitment by the club itself to signing up to the ‘CHARTER’ is a huge step forward. It sends out the right message to both our support and visiting support to Valley Parade .One message which I hope many other UK football teams will now follow.’’

So far over 2,000 professional sports teams, groups, individuals and grass roots competitors have now signed the government charter for action against homophobia in sport. Please sign up today at…!/lgbtsportcharter