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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hyde continue links with anti-homophobia organisation

Hyde FC have become the first club in the world to permanently display a Just A Ball Game? pro-diversity and anti-homophobia banner inside their ground.
Just A Ball Game banner

The club, who became affiliated with Just A Ball Game? last season, are sticking to their commitments to the challenging issues lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender players and fans of the beautiful game face as part of a matchday experience.
Just A Ball Game? remain one of the very few European groups who aim to challenge discrimination in the game.
The organisation was set up by founding director Lindsay England who has spent 8 years trying to eradicate the abuse and prejudice that remains within football, and believes the action taken by Hyde FC is a huge step forward:
We are grateful for the ongoing support one of the smaller semi-professional clubs in Hyde FC are taking and hope that this initiative will be picked up by other British clubs.
Displaying an anti-homophobia banner pitch side on a permanent basis helps to send out the message of zero tolerance towards eradicating people’s discriminatory attitudes, and also helps to show there is a welcoming environment for those who identify as LGBT and wish to be part of a “football family” who might otherwise be fearful and turn away from the sport.

Monday, August 20, 2012

                     CASTRO and TORCH  SUIT for PARADE        MEDIA RELEASE:



Just a Ball Game? – MEDIA RELEASE

                                          MANCHESTER PRIDE PARADE NEWS.
Gay civil partner of Trevor Burchick MBE will be "honouring" the Olympic Torch & Just a Ball Game? at Manchester Pride's Parade. Trevor was nominated from the LGBT community to carry the torch in Manchester and was "creator"  of Pride Games. Partner Mike was last year (Manchester Pride's) Parade Queen. Mike is the Welfare Officer at Northern Wave's Swimming Club. The "Mike Torch Kit" will symbolise the work on challenging homophobia by Just a Ball Game?
Mike, will be wearing the distinctive white and golden Olympic Torch Team Kit and accompany "Castro" the mascot of Just a Ball Game? in Manchester Pride Parade (Sat, August 25th). This year’s parade theme is queer’d science and “Castro Cat” identifies only as a name with no specific sexuality or gender.

Contact for further information:
Founding Director -Lindsay England


Friday, August 03, 2012

Just  A Ball Game?      MEDIA RELEASE   AUG: 2012

 MEDIA RELEASE AUG: 2012.                  

            Hyde FC continue to tackle Homophobia in football.

Shortly after being crowned Blue Square North Champions and gaining promotion to the Blue Square Premiership for the first time in the clubs history, Hyde FC also had further recognition in becoming the first football team (in the world) to receive a copy of the new Show Racism the Red Card DVD and education pack which looks at challenging Homophobia within the game.

Founding Director of ‘JUST A BALL GAME?’  (a campaign group which challenges issues with homophobia and anti-gay prejudice and helps raise awareness around the inclusion of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender people,) Lindsay England presented the club Secretary Andy McAnulty and former Chairman Allan Kenyon with the resource as one of the delivery partners for the ‘Homophobia let’s Tackle it!’ which SRtRC have produced in collaboration with a number of LGBT organisations and also celebrities including former England rugby player ben Cohen, Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and Scottish comedian Rhona Cameron.

Hyde FC have also pledged to make tannoy announcements before kick -off at home matches and  change their ground rules and regulations to incorporate alongside Racism,” Homophobic  abuse, chanting or harassment  is strictly forbidden and will result in arrest and/or ejection from the ground.”

Mr McAnulty added ‘’It’s fantastic for Hyde FC to be involved in such a campaign and we hope this will encourage other clubs throughout the whole of the UK to join in and help eradicate homophobia and anti-gay issues from the game.’’

Lindsay England: