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Monday, August 20, 2012

                     CASTRO and TORCH  SUIT for PARADE        MEDIA RELEASE:



Just a Ball Game? – MEDIA RELEASE

                                          MANCHESTER PRIDE PARADE NEWS.
Gay civil partner of Trevor Burchick MBE will be "honouring" the Olympic Torch & Just a Ball Game? at Manchester Pride's Parade. Trevor was nominated from the LGBT community to carry the torch in Manchester and was "creator"  of Pride Games. Partner Mike was last year (Manchester Pride's) Parade Queen. Mike is the Welfare Officer at Northern Wave's Swimming Club. The "Mike Torch Kit" will symbolise the work on challenging homophobia by Just a Ball Game?
Mike, will be wearing the distinctive white and golden Olympic Torch Team Kit and accompany "Castro" the mascot of Just a Ball Game? in Manchester Pride Parade (Sat, August 25th). This year’s parade theme is queer’d science and “Castro Cat” identifies only as a name with no specific sexuality or gender.

Contact for further information:
Founding Director -Lindsay England


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