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Tuesday, May 09, 2023

JUST A BALL GAME? Introducing our new patron- Asif Burhan- media release.




JUST A BALL GAME? Introducing our new patron- Asif Burhan.


We are excited to announce that Forbes journalist and our friend Asif Burhan has joined JUST A BALL GAME? as our new patron!

This patronage reflects Asif’s commitment to outstanding international reporting on women’s football and his ongoing dedication to supporting an LGBT+ community alongside our very own campaign.

Asif Burhan, journalist, “It is impossible to cover women’s football effectively without also being an advocate for LGBT+ rights. Lindsay’s tireless work is inspirational for anyone who feels no-one is listening and her struggle to make her voice heard has mirrored my own over the last decade in attempting to get women’s football recognised by the mainstream media. I’m proud to be a patron for Just A Ball Game? as they continue their fight to help everyone historically marginalised in society feel valued and respected.”

Asif has been reporting on men’s and women’s football from across the globe for around 25 years visiting in excess of 50 counties. He also writes for anti-discrimination charity KICK IT OUT and The Morning Star newspaper. Alongside his print news Asif often attains (through short videos) visual media providing insight into players personal stories and breaking news.


“I would like to thank Asif for both his extensive knowledge and coverage of female footballers, women’s clubs and international teams alongside giving a voice to those LGBT+ people who play, work in, and support our often marginalized intersectional communities.

The exposure of players and managers from within an LGBT+ community to be ‘out, proud and kicking’ and comfortable in telling their lived experience through Asif’s media contribution is immense. Asif is also a willing ambassador for younger people aspiring to become journalists themselves. He strives always day-to-day to bring us important and influential stories from and about our beautiful game.”
Lindsay England – Founder, JUST A BALL GAME?