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Wednesday, March 20, 2024



JUST A BALL GAME? MEDIA RELEASE- For immediate release                                      



It’s not often that two worlds collide.

But when our LGBT+ campaign organisation JUST A BALL GAME? needed help almost 14 years ago in stepped Arkansas/Portland punks THE GOSSIP, to lend a helping hand in ensuring we obtained our very first flyers, banners and t-shirts, by way of a much needed minimal donation, and a synthesis was created when they agreed to become our Patrons..

 For those unfamiliar, our non-profit campaign looks at raising awareness of LGBT+ visibility and inclusion in football (soccer) and other sports. LGBT+ musicians stepped in where the football authorities and excessively paid professional players turned the other cheek. Football, music, art and LGBT+ communities often overlap, and not just in our teenage years.

Beth Ditto, Nathan Howdeshell and Hannah Blilie (Gossip) have indeed traversed a complex path from their raw, underground beginnings to becoming emblematic figures for inclusivity and defiance. The journey of the band highlights not just the evolution of their music from raucous punk to a more polished disco, indie, alternative dance fusion, but also the journey of societal attitudes towards diversity, inclusion and acceptance.

Ditto's fearless embrace of her identity was radical at the band's inception, challenging norms and inspiring countless individuals. Her visibility as a "lesbian and blatantly feminist" figure at the forefront of a successful band broke barriers and made space for discussions around body positivity, queer rights, and feminism in spaces where these conversations might not have previously occurred.

Their music, vibrant and unapologetic, resonated particularly in Europe and the UK, though they maintained a loyal following in the US among those touched by their message and energy. The pause in their career highlights the personal growth and changes each member faced, showcasing that behind their public personas were individual journeys of self-discovery and change.

The 2019 reunion for the anniversary tour for the “Music For Men” album and the forthcoming March 22nd release of "Real Power" come at a time when the messages Gossip has long championed are being echoed more widely across society. The resurgence isn't just about the band making music again; it symbolizes the enduring relevance of their advocacy and the continued fight for inclusivity and acceptance.


At Berlin’s Lido venue the night before the vinyl, CD’s and streams are released old and new generations of fans will unite for what will be an undoubtable experience worth the wait.  

The origins of Gossip in Arkansas, a place not widely recognized for its punk or queer scenes, further illuminate the band's defiance against mainstream expectations. Their transition from a raw, untutored sound to a more refined yet equally potent musical force speaks to their development as artists. 

Gossip’s journey, characterized by authenticity, defiance, and a deep bond among its members, encapsulates the essence of punk's confrontational spirit and the enduring impact of music on individual and collective consciousness. Their continuance as a band, marked by a hiatus and triumphant return, celebrates not only their musical evolution but also their lasting influence on societal attitudes towards queerness, body positivity, and the power of living authentically.