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Monday, June 10, 2013

Liverpool Homeless FC sign up as partner club.


Last month Just a Ball Game took the short trip across the North West to visit Liverpool Homeless FC Ladies who were in their regular training session which had a special meaning to it on this occasion to mark International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO).
The team were given JBG? goodie bags containing t-shirts/pens/badges and also a new home was found for one of our JBG? diversity banners at the football club, and some of the girls training that day included England Homeless FC players Becca Mushrow and Jess Lomax.

In past years the likes of England and Everton Ladies keeper Rachel Brown-Finnis have coached the ladies side, this season they are often put through their paces at the Power League soccer center on Whittle Street in Liverpool by England and Liverpool midfielder  Fara Williams who was also with us for the event day and was quite happy to wear a JBG? t-shirt and stand alongside the young girls giving a thumbs up to diversity and a big NO to HOMOPHOBIA. We at JBG? did chuckle wonder at times with the relaxed mood of the training session who it was in charge Fara or the girls?
Liverpool Homeless Football Club   is a community interest company that was set up for people who are affected by homelessness. For the past 5 years we have organised a homeless league that brings together 18 homelessness organisations across Merseyside.
We recognise the power of football to bring people together and engage people in a healthy and social activity. LHFC use it as the catalyst to help our players get their lives back on track. As well as improving fitness, LHFC help players into training, employment, healthy living and long term accommodation.
Since establishing the league in 2007, we have broken down many myths and stereotypes that affect people that are homeless. We aim to continue providing support for our clients.
click on the link below to watch a short youtube video about LHFC and witness the 2010-2011 season finale.

If you are interested in becoming a Just a Ball Game? partner club or organisation, please contact us at:
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