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Saturday, March 09, 2013

media release “TIME FOR CHANGE-NOW!” exhibition at Borders College

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   “TIME FOR CHANGE-NOW!” exhibition at Borders College.




The JUST A BALL GAME? “TIME FOR CHANGE-NOW!” exhibition was showcased in Scotland for the first time last week as part of LGBT HISTORY MONTH 2013.

Homophobia is endemic in ALL sports at both elite and grass roots level, and effects the lives of both LGBT people young and old, as well as heterosexuals, and can also impact on performance levels of individuals or teams.

Challenging and overcomming sterotyping in sport is key to tackling homophobia.Sports persons and fans who are hetrosexual but inclusive minded of LGBT’s will interrelate harmoniuously  and help to build on a much needed LGBT/Hetrosexual alliance, within the industry and in society in general.


The day was hosted by Borders College and delivered by Just a Ball Game? in partnership with the Scottish Borders LGBT Equality Forum. Many of the college’s tutors and students visited the exhibition panels and collected information from the stall and spent time chatting to the JBG? volunteers at the event.


Although they were invited but unable to attend the day, Shona Robison MSP, Minister for the Commonwealth Games and Sport sent a letter with, “Best wishes for a successful event.” And John Lamont MSP, who was also required in Parliament on the day expressed, “I would very much like to support this event.”

The Scottish Borders LGBT Equality Forum chair, Susan Hart stated, “The Scottish Borders LGBT Equality Forum was delighted to be given the opportunity to work in partnership with Just a Ball Game? and Borders College in the showing of the Time for Change-Now! Exhibition.

This interesting and enlightening exhibition which highlights the issues faced by LGBT people in sport was very well received by students and staff alike.

The day was extremely positive and the Forum looks forward to future partnership working with the organisations involved.”

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