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Saturday, March 09, 2013

from Manchester Evening News website

Manchester FA recognised for battling prejudice

Manchester FA's work to break down barriers that people may face during their involvement in football has been recognised.
Recognition: Manchester FA
Recognition: Manchester FA

Manchester FA has been recognised for its work in fighting prejudice in soccer.
Set to be acknowledged at the FA Full Council in April, MCFA’s latest achievement in gaining the Equality Standard Preliminary Level represents the county’s commitment to breaking down the barriers that any individual may face to their involvement in football.
Kelly Simmons, head of the national game, has lauded MCFA’s achievement and hailed it as a flagship county in the area of social inclusion.
“I congratulate Manchester FA on achieving the Preliminary Level of the Equality Standard for Sport with flying colours,” she said.
“I personally recognise their excellent work in the field of equality and diversity.
“Manchester FA is certainly leading the way, and their achievement is a beacon of good practice in this area, which should encourage other CFAs to follow.”
In keeping with Manchester’s FA’s dedication to social inclusion of all types, chief executive Colin Bridgford and social inclusion officer John Hurst attended a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) awareness-raising event at the National Football Museum earlier this week.
Entitled “Time for Change – NOW!” Manchester FA was proud to support the anti-homophobia exhibition (above) – especially at a time when the rights of the LGBT community are so high on the political agenda.
Hurst – whose commitment to developing social inclusion is largely to thank for the Manchester FA’s recent recognition – emphasised how achieving the Preliminary Level will only be regarded as a success if the County FA continues to support events such as Tuesday’s.
“Achieving the Preliminary Level really demonstrates how far Manchester FA has come as a leading County FA.
“Through its continued commitment and dedicated work around equality issues in Manchester we hope to create a feeling of true inclusion across all forms of football in this county. As a forward-thinking County FA the work to maintain the Preliminary Level starts now.”

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