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Thursday, December 27, 2012




                                          Just a Ball Game?

Hyde FC presented with JUST A BALL GAME? challenging homophobia in football award 2012.       
In recognition of all the great efforts Hyde FC have made in the past 15 months to help make Ewen Fields a welcoming safe space for LGBT people to engage in football, Just a Ball game?  are pleased to have presented the club with an award.

Just a Ball game? had this to say about the work that ‘The Tigers ‘ have done:

 ” We are delighted to be presenting this award to Hyde FC who have shown over the last year to be one of the most forward thinking clubs in football by embracing our workload and helping to carry it along. They are happy to acknowledge that challenging homophobia needs to come from many strands and have been only too willing to respond to all of our initiatives.”

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Founding Director -Lindsay England                       ©

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