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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Think Before You Chant anti-homophobia campaign comes to Ewen Fields


A week on from holding a world Aids day event at our home game against Woking, we became the first senior sports organisation to showcase the Time for Change – Now exhibition as part of the Think Before You Chant campaign.

Lindsay England with Time For Change - Now exhibition

The day was funded with a grant from the European Gay & Lesbian Sports Federation as part of their Preventing and Fighting Homophobic Violence and Intolerance in Sport project.
The exhibition consists of 6 panels which aim to both raise awareness and educate around the issues of homophobic abuse found in all sport, and a Think Before You Chant banner was put up pitch-side.
The anti-homophobia campaigns group Just a Ball Game? have been co-delivery partners of this initiative with originators AFC Rushden and Diamonds, who hope to send their fans away with the correct messages of what is acceptable to sing at games, and what constitutes as unwanted and unnecessary discrimination.
Lindsay England who is founding director of Just a Ball Game? said:
Sport as a whole at present only touches on diversity and inclusion for those who identify as LGBT, and although a number of LGBT people are involved in sport at grassroots level are “out” to family and friends, teammates and some club officials, those who participate at elite level and are ‘out’ publically are few and far between.
So, with this in mind we are proud to be delivery partners on these initiatives.

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