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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ex-England and Lions Rugby star Brian Moore retweets homophobic slur.


AS the domestic English Football seasons January transfer window draws to a close, a certain ‘school boy like’ and ‘snigger snigger’ joke has emerged in slightly varying forms 0n the INTERNET over the past couple of days.
This may have been half forgiven had it been confined to a playground and the environment looked at for ways of re-education around things and any resurgence of this type.
But unfortunately many adults including well respected ex-England and British Lions ‘hooker’ Brian Moore have sadly and shamefully, (IMO) posted (retweeted in Brian’s case from an original post by Alison Kervin) the following on their own personal social network outlets.

“ Apparently Gary Glitter is the new Aston Villa manager…. He heard the strikers are Young, Bent and possibly Keane, boom boom.”

Words which once again stigmatize an LGBT community with the links to homosexuality and pedophilia.

Mr. Moore may not have asked to have been put on a pedestal in his playing career and through retirement from the game of Rugby Union, but he clearly benefited over the years from it’s wealth and adoration, seen by millions world wide as a hero, idol and role model to young sports men and women who wish to follow suit.
Unfortunately there will be those in sport like many in society as a whole, who will ridicule anyone that does not match up to their talent or who identify as LGBT or who indeed are perceived to be LGBT. Likewise, many young LGBT’s who struggle at an early stage with personal understanding and acceptance of who they are in the world themselves, will only too likely then shy away from ‘coming out’ and being at least active if not fully engaged in participating in sport because of the fear of ridicule and isolation and abuse that goes with the above mentioned so called ‘banter, bit of a laugh, leg pulling, name calling, “casual homophobia.”
A hate crime or a hate incident in whatever context should not be made welcome in society, and now is the time to challenge this behavior and help eradicate it from sport.

For almost five years now I have been involved with a number of LGBT groups and organizations on a voluntary basis, most of whom who have tried to work collaboratively with those in mainstream sport from grass roots to elite, and also incorporating NGB’s.
I believe it’s now time for those sports groups and organizations and any other interested parties from the LGBT community, mainstream sport, NGB’s GEO and MP’s, police and home Office to branch out, side step, ad a new direction together as one solid unit and take action, and squeeze in one day in the immediate future to come together and be united in challenging homophobia in sport. Carrying a banner high from now until at least  the start of the  2012 Olympics.

Lindsay England.       

As author/ creator of blog JUST A BALL GAME, Lindsay England is an activist and campaigner working free lance around challenging homophobia in sport.

B.MOORE 01.               01-2011.


  1. This is absurd. There's no homophobia in that joke

  2. Brian Moore's comments have undermined the efforts that have gone into supporting Gareth Thomas on his coming out. Whilst the club has tried to deal with issues, these type of remarks by high profile individuals such as Brian Moore convey a message that it is acceptable to make homophobic jibes, especially to young impressionable youngsters.The equating of homosexuality with paedophilia is particularly disgraceful, especially as Moore should know better, having recently come out as having suffered sexual abuse as a child. He should know better. Shame on toy Brian. Apologise now!

  3. This is a classic case of over zealous "activists" jumping on a relitively harmless joke and making it about homophobia. The link between Brian's joke, homophobia and paedophilia is tenuous at best and completely fabricated at worst.

    We need to stop these attacks otherwise when there is a real issue, no-one will take us seriously.

    This is a classic case of using someone elses relatively harmless comments to pedal your own agenda and I think on this occasion it has backfired.

    This article is making a mockery of what we're striving to do, which is become sporting equals, not crying homophobia everytime someone makes a joke wich is not actually homophobic!

    Brian was also a victim of paedophilia when he was a child so give the bloke a break for God's sake!

  4. The joke is not about homosexuality at all other than tangentially involving males. It is not derogatory towards gays.

    If I am homophobic, please explain the following -

    Why, a few years back I personally and publicly financed a London show about a black, gay, then latterly trans-sexual, cabaret artiste who was a friend of mine?

    Why I have been invited and am going to appear with the London Gay Male Voice Choir at the Survivors UK charity concert in May 2011 to highlight and raise money for awareness of male and gay rape and sexual abuse?

    This feigned indignation and failure to disassociate the comedic from the derogatory does more harm than good for we victims of abuse. Moreover, it a form of cultural fascism and though-policing to insits that everyone confroms to your standards over subjective matters.

    Finally, if those who defame me with these allegations had bothered to look down my time line they would have seen tweets from gay people stating they thought the joke was funny. If they are not offended why are you? If they find it funny why is your opinion better and from whence comes your authority to assert such?
    Reply to Brian

  5. Brian Moore is an overtly aggressive and very arrogant man.

    Just because he has funded a London show about a gay cabaret artiste etc, this does not mean that nothing that ever comes out of his mouth, or out of his Twitter feed, will be offensive.

    What is obvious from Brian Moore's reaction to the initial criticism is that he is far more interested in himself than anything else.

    A humble man would have argued, respectfully, that the joke wasn't homophobic but that if it did cause offence, he apologised.

    An arrogant, troubled ego-maniac like Brian Moore, instead, threw all his toys out of the pram as someone dared to question him.

    Being abused as a child doesn't give you carte blanche for your actions in your life now, Mr Moore.

    The Justin Campaign have done incredibly good work in fighting homophobia in sport, but then, you are only really interested in yourself, Mr Moore, arent you.