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Sunday, January 16, 2011

LGBT's and Football end of the year ups an downs

Much was happening in the football world towards the end of 2010 not all of it good, least of all the shenanigans of FIFA and other executives.
We also lost one of football's most iconic fans in the death of Frank Sidebottom, his love of football and music gave us much to smile about for many a year. It's a shame not all musicians feel they can use their talent in the same way he did by bringing joy to others, some just want to air their personal hatred of others who may be a little different than they are themselves.
As 2010 came to a close we saw a 25 year old 'pop' chart topper finally given the thumbs down by Canadian radio stations and broadcast organisations when after being played as an oldie Dire Straits 'Money for Nothing ' was banned from the air ways for its homophobic content.The lyrics breached Canadian Association of Broadcaster's Code of Ethics and they deemed it unacceptable for playing on air.Rightly so, in recent times Jamaican performers such as those who were to appear at the 2004 MOBO awards were given bans, as has Eminem a couple of years back, and just recently Matt Boswell ( a country singer) so its only fair that the ageing rockers from Dire Straits should be held accountable for pounds and dollars they earned from the contents of a well known 80's tune which at the time of it's release and original air play had the lyrics edited out or changed for when it was played in a public place, they can hardly claim it was an accident or miss-interpretation surely, with the 3 lines below?

DIRE STRAITS LYRICS:  'That little faggot with the earring and the make-up.
'That little faggot got his own jet plane.'
'That little faggot he's a millionaire.'

So what else finished of the year? Well a club physio with Portuguese side NAVAL, one Emmanuel Alves got into hot water with the top fight side's President and is still unsure of whether he can return after a leave of absence which saw him under go a sex change. Alves is now known as Ema Sofia, and wants to continue in the same role at the club but may find that she is ousted from the training grounds and matches in much the same way as she was from the 'Grand Orient of Lusitania' the local Masons.
Alves, 37, [became] Emma Sofia Alves, 37 years old. The ongoing sex change process of this Figueiran citizen did not "only" mean to change the gender: there are prejudices and practical issues to overcome. Some of these obstacles have been overcome. Others, however, show a high degree of difficulty.
However,Ema Sofia continues to pursue her profession, passing from [being a male] nurse to [a female] nurse in the District Hospital of Figueira da Foz. Ema was quoted with saying '' I have spent 37 years living in anguish at my situation but now I no loner feel any discomfort. I finally feel myself, and I am happy.''

Finally, I am still awaiting a reply from FOUR FOUR TWO magazine who produced some stats under the title FANS CENSUS 2010. Nothing wrong with that you may think but they seemed to have not quite grasped all things LGBT with the following statement and questions and answers in percentages.I think like with other press and media outlets who write and broadcast about football and indeed all sport, we have a long way to go in some peoples education who work in this field, despite efforts of campaigns organisations like the Justin Campaign, and the UK's leading LGBT information and Development and Equity organisation PRIDE SPORTS.

Here are the Stats and what was written:
There has never been an openly gay footballer at the top level.
Do you believe one or more of the biggest stars in the world is gay?
 YES 85.1%  NO 14.9%
If a player is gay, should he come out?
YES 17.8% NO 5.4%
a further 76.8% said they either don't know or that the decision has to be his.


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