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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just a Ball Game ? receives £1,300 to fund team kit, accessories venue hire.

 From our media freinds:


Just a Ball Game ? receives £1,300 to fund team kit, accessories venue hire


Just a Ball Game ? has been awarded a small £1,300 grant from the Equity Foundation to fund our Ladies Futsal Team. The Team play in the Manchester Futsal Leagues and funding will be a great way for this newly formed club to be put on a more competitive and professional level.

Just a Ball Game ? is a Not For Profit Voluntary Community Organisation serving South, South East and East Manchester with an 18+ Ladies Futsal Team. Our organisation was formed in 2011 and has been at the forefront of raising awareness around inclusion and visibility of LGBT people and challenging homophobia in football (and other sports) this funding has enabled us to branch out locally and provide a safe space young LGBT women and LGBT friendly women to play the ever increasing participation sport of the small sided games within football.
The Equity Foundation grant will be used to provide a team kit to play in and a set of training shirts, accessories like balls and training bibs first aid kit. Other monies will see us able to affiliate with Manchester County FA enabling us to compete in local leagues and tournaments, and the remainder will pay for venue hire, league fees and coaching.
Female Co-Chair, Ann Morgan said, “Women’s football is on the up but stereotyping and bullying and a macho male environment often put off young people who identify as LGBT from being involved in the beautiful game, the work we do at JBG? helps to break down some of the barriers faced and visibly showcase that if you are female and you have a love of football you can be involved even when you hail from a different culture or communities to your peers.”

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