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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

MEDIA RELEASE: UEFA may not take any action on MOURINHO!!






Just a Ball Game? are saddened to hear  that it seems that UEFA have decided that they will not be taking any action against Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho for comments he made live on TV towards referees when he alluded to them as ‘’y esos maricones’’ ( and those faggotts) during a training session on the CSKA pitch on 20th February.

A spokesperson for UEFA this morning Mr Veron  Mossingo Omba  has stated that UEFA ''Don't know when they will do something against Mourinho. '' he continued ‘’We have priorities and this is not one ! We have a lot of work and we don’t know when we will work on it.’’

It seems also that Mr Omba could not even put a time scale of 2/ 3 months for an investigation to start on the issue.

Founding director of JUST A BALL GAME? Lindsay England says, ‘’For  5 months now we have seen investigations taken place by the FA (Football Association) here in England as homophobic  comments from a number of players have appeared on social network site TWITTER and fines have been imposed on the offenders. ‘’

‘’It saddens us because 6 years ago UEFA introduced a five - point plan of action against sexism and  homophobia to their UNITE AGAINST RACISM initiative in partnership with FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) at the second UAR conference at the Camp Nou, Barcelona in February 2006.’’

The statements in that very same UEFA documentation claimed both of the following:

A) The reason players have not come out is because the structures of the game of football are not seen as tolerant enough for a player to risk coming out.

B) It is at club level that action to tackle racism and homophobia bears most fruit.

‘’We here at Just a Ball Game? can only do so much to promote diversity and challenge homophobia within the game. The people at the very top of the game must also take some responsibility and action. Messages and action and ones that are genuine also have to come from leaders in the game.

Lindsay England.  JUST A BALL GAME?

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  1. Who should be most ashamed of themselves-Jose Mourinho or UEFA?