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Thursday, July 21, 2011


                                                TAURUS BAR       
                             PRIDE GAMES and JUST A BALL GAME?
                                                  bring you
                                       ‘’It’s a gay knockout’’
                             Thursday 25th August, 8pm onwards.
                                Come along and join in the action.

         Several local LGBT sports clubs and community organisations will compete in the fun to help kick off the weekend and celebrate 21 years of Manchester Pride.
                  Sign up to ‘the Charter ‘ (against homophobia and transphobia in sport) and take two minutes to complete the JUST A BALL GAME? survey, looking at homophobia in sport.
           Monday 22nd Aug. (15.30-16.30) will see the launch with VBA,  TAURUS BAR and first of the sports groups sign up and display ‘the Charter’ in the bar, followed by more teams Tues/Wed/Thurs till we have 21.

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