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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Romainian Football President hurls gay slurs towards coach!!

It seems as though the fashion for officials in  European football this winter is to see who can be the most homophobic.
As we know its only a few weeks back that Croatia had its problems with its top brass in the sport airing their views on why anyone LGBT should not be allowed to play the game, now we have a Romanian President insulting a fellow official  and a coach of another football team.
Hopefully he will be suspended and fined, or even relived of his duties if he persists with this unacceptable behavior.
Boys its not big and its not clever.

(The following was found an football  website  CAUGHT OFFSIDE.)

Timisoara president Marian Iancu – suspended last week for baiting Universitatea Craiova coach Victor Piturca as a “homosexual satantist” – says Otelul president Marius Stan is “arrogant and ugly – a man who forgot his medication.”
Iancu told the media: “He tells me to keep quiet, but he’s the one that needs to shut it. He is bent. All the world’s washing powder and Danube’s waters aren’t enough to clean this man’s character.”

Stan: “Iancu barks all day long on TV. Maybe he didn’t have a TV when he was little, which is why he is so fascinated by it. He doesn’t bother me. Let him bark.”

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