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Friday, April 14, 2017

BRADFORD CITY LGBT fan group first patron ADAM McCABE.


               BRADFORD CITY LGBT fan group have first patron in ADAM McCABE.

Bradford City LGBT fan group are extremely proud to announce that former Bradford City reserve player Adam McCabe will become their first patron.
Ex-professional player McCabe  ‘came out’  when his story was told globally earlier this year while playing for Georgia Revolution FC, Adam will also become a patron of JUST A BALL GAME?

“While I was playing soccer at a younger age, I was not out to my teammates. I did not really even think about my sexuality until the end of high school. Soccer was all that I thought about. I lived, breathed, ate and slept soccer. And I was not going to let anything, like a relationship or my sexuality, get in the way of my goals and dreams.”

Adam is now back playing in the USA and has a full time job for ‘Hersheys’ but also coaches along with regular appearances in the NPSL.

“Becoming a patron for Bradford City LGBT fan group and JBG?  means standing up for a minority in football and in sports in general. This is a platform and opportunity to shape the landscape of sports and change the perception of LGBTQ individuals in sports. To be a role model and inspire others was the main reason I decide to come out. I knew that I could help a lot of other people struggling with this same issue if I was brave enough to be a leader by example,” says McCabe.

LGBT fan group member Bradford Councillor Richard Dunbar had this to say, I am delighted to hear that Adam will be joining as patron for both Bradford City LGBT Fan Group and JBG?”
“Having him on board sends a positive message to other professional players struggling with the thought of coming out. I would like to think we are closer than ever to a professional player coming out in the English Football Leagues. It is when clubs like Bradford City fly the rainbow flag, have a zero tolerance on hate speech and openly celebrate events like LGBT History Month that make this more possible."


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