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Monday, November 05, 2012

Just a Ball Game? hold FARE event at Hyde FC

Just a Ball Game? hold FARE event at Hyde FC

JBG? and HYDE FC joined forces to celebrate Football Against Racism in Europe with a day of inclusive events to highlight  the need for expanding access to sport for all.

The event was hosted by Hyde FC. Amongst the events were both competitive and non-competitive football training with John Hurst from Manchester FA and Neil Gillespie of Hyde FC. There was also an opportunity to experience sitting volleyball and other games which promote inclusivity,

Claire Harvey, Captain of the Team GB Olympic Sitting Volleyball Team was due to lead the session but unfortunately was involved in a motorway accident en route. Thankfully, only the car was injured! So JBG?’s mascot, Castro the Cat got involved got involved as you can see!

Local MP Jonathan Reynolds visited and congratulated JBG? and Hyde on the day. He was very interested in the philosophy of FARE, JBG?’s campaigning against Homophobia in Sport and Hyde FC continued involvement in both campaigns. Jonathan even got a thumbs up from Castro! seen here with Andy McAnulty, Hyde FC , Club Secretary

The day was organised by Lindsay England from JBG? who was delighted with the day and thanked FARE for the funding for the event, HYDE FC, Manchester FA , Jonathan Reynolds MP and of course, the youngsters  for their support and JBG? sends best wishes to Claire Harvey and her car!  

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