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Saturday, March 09, 2013

media release A university sports faculty anti-discrimination survey-based initiative


JUST A BALL GAME?                      MEDIA RELEASE- For immediate release.                                       

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    A university sports faculty anti-discrimination survey-based initiative



The campaign organisation Just a Ball Game? is pleased to be directly supporting a UK university initiative to promote effective change in combatting homophobia and related LGBT discrimination in sport. JBG? asks all national, regional and local level LGBT equality and inclusivity in sport campaigning and sports organisations (including football, rugby, athletics clubs that have inclusive anti-discrimination values and equality and diversity policies and programmes) to support this important initiative. 


The Bournemouth University Sports Faculty survey and project is an outcome of partnership with the Olympics legacy ‘Time for Change – Now!’ anti-homophobia in sport exhibition organisation -- Website:


The research project findings will contribute to the creation of a guidelines paper in which current gaps and effective engagement issues in tackling homophobia in sport and making sport more inclusive for LGBT’s, will be identified.  The paper will be principally intended for the use of the UK sports industry, amateur and professional sports clubs, and school PE/sports teachers. 





To participate in the survey please use the following links to the online questionnaires:

Club Questionnaire: 


and School questionnaire:  


 Please respond before 18th February: a summary report of the research findings will be made public on 15th April. 


Contact for further information:

Founder -Lindsay England


              © 2011.

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